Dr. Jonathan Choi of Sunwah Group donated 12,000 masks to Daegu of Korea

2020-03-18 17:43
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Dr. Jonathan Choi, Honorary Ambassador of Foreign Investment Promotion for Korea, Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Sunwah Group, recently donated 12,000 masks to the City Government of Daegu to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak. The donation was made through the Korea Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCCI). Dr. Choi hoped that this donation would send a positive message to the Korean public who are severely affected by the virus that China and Korea will help each other to combat the COVID-19. He said that when the virus first broke out in China, Chinese people will not forget the assistance from Korean people. After learning that the virus has become severe in Korea, Dr. Choi decided to donate the masks that he has purchased earlier to Daegu to help the needy in Korea.


Mr. Sung Guo-Ping, the Chairman of KCCCI, was born in Daegu. Mr. Sung expressed his deep appreciation to Dr. Choi for his assistance during this difficult period. “Korea and China are important economic partners. In time of crisis, Korea and China will help each other like brothers,” he said.


The masks will be allocated to the medical teams, volunteers and low-income people in Daegu who are in need of the supply.

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